SAP Concur

Get a travel solution right-sized for your business

Designed for companies that aren’t ready for a fully-managed travel program, Concur Hipmunk™ simplifies everything from booking to expense reports. With Concur Hipmunk you can:

  • Access exclusive business travel discounts
  • Let employees plan travel the way they’re used to
  • Gain visibility into travel spend
  • Seamlessly integrate with Concur Expense and TripIt Pro

Features of Concur Hipmunk

Book smarter

Concur Hipmunk helps you find hotels near your meetings and flights that fit your schedule. Visual search results help you quickly identify the best options.

Save with exclusive deals

Get special discounts with airline, hotel, or car-rental partners. Pre-negotiated rates help your business benefit from buying power available to larger business clients.

Find the best options

Access the most comprehensive travel search results on the market including apartment rentals.

Earn reward points and miles

Employees can still benefit from their favorite rewards programs and continue to collect rewards when they book with select partners.

Gain visibility into travel and spend

Automatically send bookings into Concur Expense to monitor and influence spend. Maintain a unified itinerary that supports your duty of care with TripIt Pro.

Get ready for growth

When you’re ready for a fully-managed travel solution with Travel Management Company (TMC) partners, SAP Concur can help you get there.

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