Digital Platform

Become an intelligent enterprise with centralised data and intelligence
Manage data from any source, in any format – and rapidly develop, integrate, and extend business applications – with an open digital platform.

SAP Cloud Platform
• Accelerated app development
• Mobile apps and customer digital experiences
• Business transformation processes
• Extensions and connections with powerful APIs
• Embedded advanced analytics
• Innovative Big Data, IoT, and machine learning solutions

• Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployment
• Secure in-memory data platform
• Live intelligence with fast data processing
• Combined OLAP and OLTP processing on a single data copy

SAP HANA Data Management Suite
• On-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployment
• In-memory transactions and analytics
• Data discovery and governance
• Data orchestration and integration
• Data cleansing and enrichment
• Data storage and computing

• Database services
• Application services
• Processing services
• Integration and quality services
• Real-time enablement and Big Data optimisations

Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
• Information governance
• Master data management
• Data quality and integration
• Content management
• Metadata management and enterprise architecture

Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Compliance
• Enterprise risk management (ERM)
• Access control and fraud detection
• Audit management
• Trade and regulatory compliance
Solve your specific digital platform needs

Turn data into insight and act in the moment
Innovate your way with a single data platform. Help your business increase customer engagement, create more effective models, and foster ongoing growth.

Simplify open, agile business application development
Create a truly integrated and optimised enterprise to accelerate digital transformation – without the requirement of maintaining or investing in an on-premise infrastructure.

Realise the value of live data
Put today’s massive data volumes to work for you, gaining real-time insight and action in the digital economy. Use data to innovate with confidence.